About Us

Imagine if your favorite cafe had a stage with a studio infinity wall & live streaming and filming setup. Now add delicious sandwiches and ice creams to your imagination. That's us. We are local, we are online! Come, hang out with us.

Your Neighborhood Cafe

Come, Chill, Eat, Drink
"We are your neighborhood cafe. Come chill with us for some delicious coffee, Food, Ice Cream and FREE WiFi."

Local Media House

Local Talent, Local Content
"Open mics, standup comedy, local musicians, debates, speeches! We would like to host them all and create a quality content."


Freshly roasted, Brewed to Taste!
"Do check out our online shop and buy from our collection of freshly roasted coffees."

Media Menu

Check out all six of our awesome Media Products below that we offer for our local community. Creativity is our passion. So if you are creative and can't pay our prices, we will do it for FREE. Don't hesitate to ask. Do you have a story to tell? Be a speaker in our Talks Unzipped Series. Contact us

Online Content Creators

Reserve a spot with us, bring your script, or be impromptu. Rest is on us. Filming, lighting, audio, editing... everything!


Book a Live Event

A Are you an organization, sports club or a meetup? Do you need to host an event with professional filming? We are here!


After Hours Rental

You can rent our cafe, studio setup, lighting and equipment for your shoot during after hours. It's SO AFFORDABLE!


Instagram Challenge

Win hundreds of dollars every month. Come to Zip Code Media Cafe, take a picture in our studio setup and we will post it to our instagram handle. Maximum likes wins a bumper every month.


Local Business Marketing

As a local business, you can sponsor our events night, help out local performers and artists. In return, we will shoot an ad for you and feature it with our published performance videos.


Gift an Interview

Bring your loved ones to our cafe. We will interview them live in a virtual news studio and you get the video. Your parents, kids, a spouse will love it. During scheduled time only.



We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. Do you have a question about our live events, studio rentals, reservations? Feel free to reach out. We also appreciate when you share genuine feedback with us. That gives us an opportunity to improve.

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